Two Different Dolls, 2 Different Wigs

Two different dolls, Two different wigs, Two different fibers, Two entirely different styles…same basic technique

One is made of my hand dyed wool and the other my own suri alpaca doll hairs. I could not resist playing with these two very different dolls and giving them each their own unique look. Both the wigs are made using the glue method. The alpaca is wefted, but the wool is attached curl by lovely curl. Both wigs are available for sale in my Etsy shop at:

J-doll in asymmetrical alpaca wig side view
J-doll in asymmetrical alpaca wig side view
J-doll in asymmetrical alpaca wig front view
J-doll in asymmetrical alpaca wig front view
Clawdeen in Sunny Peach Wool Wig front view
Clawdeen in Sunny Peach Wool Wig front view
Clawdeen in Sunny Peach Wool Wig side view
Clawdeen in Sunny Peach Wool Wig side view

Not to late to knit a gift…Super Quick Basic 16st Fingerless Mitts

These boys fingerless mitts take about 2 hours to make out of super bulky yarn using a set of 5 size US13 dpn. They look a bit stretched in the photo on my hands, but fit my son (age 11) very well. I’ve given guess-timate increases in co for larger sizes depending on whom you are in a hurry to knit for. These are knit in the round!!

Child size co 16

Womens’ size co 20-24 depending on size of hands

Mens’ size co 24-28 depending on size of hands

Round 1: 1K, pm,  2P, *2K, 2P, repeat from *

Round 2 – til about 6-7 inches: *2k, 2P repeat from *

For thumbhole(2 Rows): At end of row turn work around and knit the way you came following pattern. When you get to the otherside, turn work and return to knitting in the round

Rejoin above thumbhole and knit 3 more rounds.

Bind off.

Weave in ends!

A bit of colorwork, like the pictured mitts has, can go along way. Have fun; these knit QUICK!!

Anniversary, Spring and Bulky Yarns

Our thirteenth wedding anniversary is this weekend on the 21st. First day of Spring, too!  So, we are running off to the mountains. Just him and I; no kids. Grandma has the kids, the house, the cats, the dog and the bunnies while I am gone.

I’m putting the shop on notice. I’m not closing up for the weekend, but just letting all and sunder know that I will be gone until Monday. Feel free to shop. I’m probably going to spend more money this weekend than I intend. I’m already looking for fiber shops. I’m leaving about noon today, so , if you know one that way(Helen, GA), please, answer fast! I want to know before I go!!

Now on a fiber note: I’ve been playing it thick and thin and bulky, too. Using lots of soft wools and mohair, angora, camel, silk and whatever else, too.  They are so fun and free to make!

Here is this weeks’ Artsy Yarn creations:

I want to make more when I get back!!

Gotto go pack. I want to sneak some yarn in my luggage.

Hope that you all a have special weekend!!

Wearables..and angora rabbit fur

I’ve started to make wearable to offer in my shop. I know that I am a little overlate to catch all of the Christmas shopping, but I figured why not go ahead anyhow. I love my fibers and fleeces, my yarns and spindles, but I have very much so been missing the feel of taking a peice from the ground up to finish product. I have always been one to work with various mediums. Beads and embroideries are chief among my addictions. And, so , without further ado:

Needlefelt Rose Brooch

A fully adorned work in progress:

Needlefelt, embroidered and beaded cuff with Peridot

Close up:

Cuff close up

And, not only have I been creating wearable art, but I fixed the color on the angora rabbit to my satisfaction. It only took me four days to get the color right, but here is a before and after for your enjoyment..

Before color..rather unimaginative
After..much more interesting

Well, off to get a little sewing time in before the kiddies need to wake up and get ready for school.

Have a beautiful and Blessing filled day!!