Newest Blythe Reroot is……..Wet!

Just a quick share…..I finished my newest Blythe doll reroot and am waiting on the hair to dry.

As you last saw it:

Blythe scalp...soon to be available
Blythe scalp…soon to be available

And, now:

wet suri alpaca hair on fresh reroot
wet suri alpaca hair on fresh reroot
wet suri alpaca hair on fresh reroot
wet suri alpaca hair on fresh reroot

Tonight, it will dry and tomorrow I will finally get to finish. What a great feeling!


Waiting for the Glue to Dry

I am in process on another glue based monster high wig. This time I am using some of my premium suri alpaca doll hair (just like I sell in my Etsy shop). I am feeling a bit fancy as this is absolutely lovely stuff!

I made the glue cap over the last few days and prepared and wefted the doll hair. Last night was the magically time to add the hair. I love that part! So here we are waiting for the glued on wefts to dry:

Waiting for the glue to dry.

Doesn’t she look patient! I think that she looks rather pleased as well.

So, since I am feeling fancy using my lovely alpaca hair, I have decided to really dress up this wig. I have added a few micro braids and now am waiting for the glue to dry on them before I work further on the wig. I find that working little by little with much patience does lead to the best results. So here we are all pinned up:

Once these dry I’ll add the other braids. This will give me time to find a direction to take it from there. Part of my process is planning. But, part of my process is listening to the Muse in my mind. I do love to let inspiration talk to me in process and that can lead to whole new concepts. I will update as I work and share when I am done. I have the feeling that this will be very elaborate!