Anniversary, Spring and Bulky Yarns

Our thirteenth wedding anniversary is this weekend on the 21st. First day of Spring, too!  So, we are running off to the mountains. Just him and I; no kids. Grandma has the kids, the house, the cats, the dog and the bunnies while I am gone.

I’m putting the shop on notice. I’m not closing up for the weekend, but just letting all and sunder know that I will be gone until Monday. Feel free to shop. I’m probably going to spend more money this weekend than I intend. I’m already looking for fiber shops. I’m leaving about noon today, so , if you know one that way(Helen, GA), please, answer fast! I want to know before I go!!

Now on a fiber note: I’ve been playing it thick and thin and bulky, too. Using lots of soft wools and mohair, angora, camel, silk and whatever else, too.  They are so fun and free to make!

Here is this weeks’ Artsy Yarn creations:

I want to make more when I get back!!

Gotto go pack. I want to sneak some yarn in my luggage.

Hope that you all a have special weekend!!