Wearables..and angora rabbit fur

I’ve started to make wearable to offer in my shop. I know that I am a little overlate to catch all of the Christmas shopping, but I figured why not go ahead anyhow. I love my fibers and fleeces, my yarns and spindles, but I have very much so been missing the feel of taking a peice from the ground up to finish product. I have always been one to work with various mediums. Beads and embroideries are chief among my addictions. And, so , without further ado:

Needlefelt Rose Brooch

A fully adorned work in progress:

Needlefelt, embroidered and beaded cuff with Peridot

Close up:

Cuff close up

And, not only have I been creating wearable art, but I fixed the color on the angora rabbit to my satisfaction. It only took me four days to get the color right, but here is a before and after for your enjoyment..

Before color..rather unimaginative
After..much more interesting

Well, off to get a little sewing time in before the kiddies need to wake up and get ready for school.

Have a beautiful and Blessing filled day!!