Not to late to knit a gift…Super Quick Basic 16st Fingerless Mitts

These boys fingerless mitts take about 2 hours to make out of super bulky yarn using a set of 5 size US13 dpn. They look a bit stretched in the photo on my hands, but fit my son (age 11) very well. I’ve given guess-timate increases in co for larger sizes depending on whom you are in a hurry to knit for. These are knit in the round!!

Child size co 16

Womens’ size co 20-24 depending on size of hands

Mens’ size co 24-28 depending on size of hands

Round 1: 1K, pm,  2P, *2K, 2P, repeat from *

Round 2 – til about 6-7 inches: *2k, 2P repeat from *

For thumbhole(2 Rows): At end of row turn work around and knit the way you came following pattern. When you get to the otherside, turn work and return to knitting in the round

Rejoin above thumbhole and knit 3 more rounds.

Bind off.

Weave in ends!

A bit of colorwork, like the pictured mitts has, can go along way. Have fun; these knit QUICK!!