Made It!!

Made it here to beautiful Berry Creek, California and we have been here nearly two weeks now! It is gorgeous here in the Mountains! We are nearly unpacked and have been setting up home and shop.

Of course, I have made time for my dolls! I knitted the rectangles from my own hand spun yarns for these sweater type vests going across the USA and assembled and finished them here. These are my first official dolly pictures in our new yard.

Orange Blossom Sweater
Orange Blossom Sweater
Autumn Sweater
Autumn Sweater

Both of these lovely sweaters can be found for sale in my Etsy shop at

Also, I plan to reroot new Blythe scalps for sale. I went ‘shopping’ in my Etsy store and selected some lovely pastels. Here is pictures of the first of many soon to be available scalps:

Blythe scalp...soon to be available
Blythe scalp…soon to be available

I’m so excited to be working with some of my premium doll hairs. I plan to make many of these scalps for sale!!

In between these tasty treats, I am almost done with a black sheep helmet for Blythe and am dyeing several custom colours for some lovely return customers.

I may be on a new Coast, but my dolly passion follows me everywhere!