Getting There

Well, in a total effort to get ready for the cross the Country move from Georgia to California in a pick up truck pulling a 6 x 12 foot trailer with my husband, 2 teenagers, myself, a dog and two cats, I have been committing the ultimate destash. All this is going, going, gone tomorrow.

Destash Mania
Destash Mania

But, although, I am doing a total reevalution of our belonging while packing, I do make time for dolls. I have some orange suri alpaca doll hair drying and multitude of pastels colours drying as well. I have these lovely green ones finished for a custom. The lady who has ordered these lovely lock is making a mermaid. I hope she sends me pictures when it is done. Love seeing!!

Green Mermaid Hair
Green Mermaid Hair

And, so many exciting things to talk about! To add to the glorious excitement, I have finished my Blythe reroot! So glad that I could get this done before we go. I still want to add her eyelashes. Mainly so I don’t lose them in the move. Things always dissappear when moving! But here is my damaged girl in progress one step closer to fin…..

Maddy Close Up
Maddy Close Up


I was going into this thinking Prairie Faery theme, but now she says that her name is Madelaine and her friends call her “Maddy”. She likes Bonfires at night, going mudding in the Spring and fishing all year round.

I find all the time that a doll will develop its own personality when customizing. It is always an adventure to get know who she or he really is going to be when you are done.

Well back to packing for me. Wishing you all well!


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