Vintage Sewing Machine Fixed and Reroot

First, to begin where I left off, my old DeLuxe is now working fine. The problem with the feed dogs and tension was actually not a problem at all. My sewing machine has an unlabeled feature. Where the stitch length is regulated is a reverse placement. My husband asked me what does this do:

Stitch Length Regulator
Stitch Length Regulator

I went to demonstrate how it changes how many stitches per inch and was amazed that it started feeding the fabric to sew forward and now it works great as I am not pulling the fabric in the opposite direction that it was trying to sew. In my defense, if they had stamped a little ‘R’ somewhere it might have been a help.

And, in other news, my Blythe scalp has arrived! I have started rooting the hair and can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am not sure if she will still be a Prairie Faery when she is done. The closer my Blythe gets to the finish, the more she says that she would like bonfires at night, fishing trips in Summer and to go mudding in Spring. What a wild child she will be!

Reroot in Progress
Reroot in Progress

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