Very Old Sewing Machine…needing a bit of work

Well, the Side Winder is really great and I filled many a bobbin. All set to go! I got out my Kenmore and now it does not want to stitch either. All dragging and miserable and, yes, I have been oiling it. The only thing that I can think of is that something got misaligned when I removed the side to peer in and see what I could about the bobbin winder not working.

So I remembered that I had a another machine. An old DeLuxe made in Japan model that I think was made in the 50s. I had to fuss with it a bit and the great people at wefix yahoo groups was a big help, of course, as I did not even know how to thread this old gal. One of them had even made a e booklet up about them. Here is a link for those, like me, that need to know:

And here are some pictures of my machine so you know what one looks like.

Top of DeLuxe
Top of DeLuxe
Face Plate of DeLuxe
Face Plate of DeLuxe
Front of DeLuxe
Front of DeLuxe

Please diregard the open foot pedal. It is back together now, but when I first went to use it the cord was lacking much of the insulation on the wiring and I had taped it. When I went to plug it in, it ran full out without use of the foot pedal and the only way to stop it was to unplug. Apparently, when you tape the wires, they need to be taped seperately. If you tape them to where both wires going to and from touch, it will do that. I have them taped seperately now and the machine is now controled by the foot pedal once again. Whew! Was that ever exciting!

I do still have a bit of experimenting to do with the feed dogs and tension, but it looks like I am nearly reay to sew. I can not wait!


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