The Side Winder is Here

Just arrived and I had to try it out straight away, of course!

Smaller than I expected, but it is so tiny and cute. It reminds me of one of my daughters make up cases.

So Tiny
So Tiny

The insides are pretty simple and straight forward and it runs on either batteries (not included) or a plug in cord (included) Here is a look at the workings:

Side Winder inside the box
Side Winder inside the box

Now do be prepared. When you hit the start button, it will take off crazy fast. I was not prepared, so on this first go, it pulled the end of the thread that you lace through the bobbin to start it right out of my fingers. Very unexpected!! I will be ready for it next time.

Side Winder in motion
Side Winder in motion

The bobbin is full. A little uneven, but I am sure as a first time ever user that might be expected.

Side Winder full bobbin
Side Winder full bobbin

And that, my readers, is my first experience with a Side Winder. Overall very nifty!


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