Prairie Fairy….Awaiting the scalp

I had a long internal debate deciding on the hair colours. I had done her face up and then I thought to change her to a raven theme, but I figured that I would stick to my original plan. As a seller of doll hair, waiting for the hair was just a matter of the time it took to create it. I know that a Blythe reroot takes about 1.5 to 2 ounces and that there is more like 3 ounces on the photo, but I always like to have extra on hand. Better safe than sorry.

The hair is now decided on and ready and I await the scalp to arrive for my poor damaged darling. I can’t wait to get to the rerooting part.

Great hair makes everything better!
Great hair makes everything better!
Suri Alpaca Hair
Suri Alpaca Hair

If you wish for a batch of hair like the above (or any other colours) I love taking custom orders and can be contacting through my shop on Etsy at:

I’ve still got to find where I put the eyelashes that I want to use. I have some lovely thick featherly looking ones that I have been wanting to find the perfect girl for and I do think that she is it! A bit of dusting with pearl ex with make them just spectacular.

But first, before an eyelash hunt. I shall be taking apart my sewing machine. I had some wonderful suggestions from the wefixit group. I will let you all know how it turns out! fingers crossed and looking forward to the arrival of my sidewinder, either way.


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