Busily getting ready to sew, so that I can wait to sew

I chose my fabric and prewashed, ironed, cut out all the pieces for 9 doll dresses, ironed them all with starch (I find it easier to sew little pieces when starched:), chose my matching threads and went to load the bobbins, but my bobbin winder on my sewing machine has quit on me…arghhh!

Well, not entirely quit. It winds very, very slowly…far too loosely and makes a snarled mess of the whole bobbin. The sewing machine (it is a kenmore) works fine when the bobbin winder is forward for sewing, though.

Not knowing what to do, I contacted a doll clothes sewing group that I am a member of for help. The group is dollwearstitchers@yahoo.com They are such kind people!They told me about a sewing machine repair group (who knew!!!) that is also on yahoo. ‘wefixit’ and they told me about a wonderful thing, which it seems that everyone knows about except me, called a sidewinder!

So I joined the group and am waiting to hear back and see if they have a solution or, at least, a solution that I can do within my skill set. And, I told my Mom about the sidewinder. So, my dear sweet Mom has ordered me one. Thank you, Mom!!!

For others who have never heard of a sidewinder, I can not be the only one, it is a bobbin winder that is seperate from your machine. It is small and portable and puts the thread on the bobbins. Yay! Great idea whoever invented it! I hope that you made millions!!

So, while I wait for my sidewinder to arrive, here sits all the little dress pieces:

9 little Blythe dress ready to sew
9 little Blythe dress ready to sew

Now, I have not been ideally waiting. I have made another lovely batch of doll hair for my shop. Bay black. Gorgeous and soft hair. I love the natural dark chocolate colours that this fleece has:


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