Chainmaille Headress and Dyed Fibers

Alternate title for this post..”What I Did Today” I finished (I think that I have finished) the J-Doll wig that I was making with the blue, green and purple mohair that I shared the wefting for in a post a bit back. Mohair! Lovely stuff! But I really wanted to kick this one up a notch. So…Ta-da!

Mermaid Mohair Wig Front

Mermaid Mohair Wig Back

Yes! I got to use my new flush cutters that I had ordered just for making chainmaille for dolls. They arrived in the mail the other day curtesy of Amazons 2 day shipping. So this wig is wearing handcrafted chainmaille links made from brass wire and decked with seed beads along the front and side with tiny little brass wires and beads wrapped in back. I still have to style the hair itself and decide if it needs more, but I am thinking that it is probably adorned enough. It is for little heads and I do want to show the hair. We will see! But not knowing can definately be a part of the creative adventure for me.

Of course, I dyed suri alpaca doll hair today. I do dye hair most days. These are for a custom order for a fabulous lady in New Zealand. They are wet now and need their second coat. But they sure have a great start!


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