Mini BJD Outfit Finished

The snaps have arrived and I have already used four of them to finish my Butterfly Blouse and School Teacher Skirt! I am so pleased with how they turned out and they can be found for sale seperately or as a set in my Etsy shop ( ).


Here is another picture with her standing up. I need to do something about my doll stands! Although, these stands come with the J-Dolls, they are rather glaring in pictures.


I hand stitched all of the pieces myself. No machines were used in the creation of this blouse or skirt.

The blouse is made from an antique hankerchief that I upcycled. The butterfly is just too gorgeous and was done by someone with a lovely fine sense of handwork. I had to use it as a central motif for this blouse. The scalloped sleeves, hemline and collar are preserved from the same beautiful fabric and accent the blouse beautifully. The material is very light weight and I have sewn three snaps on the back, so it is easy to change in and out of.

The skirt is handsewn from white cotton fabric with small flowers springing throughout. This skirt is meant to fall past the knees but above the ankles about midway. I have accented the skirt in front with small gold ‘buttons’ made of high quality glass seed beads.

This ensemble is being modeled by my J-doll who has a Pullip type 4 body. She stands about 11 inches tall. The blouse is made to fit her a little loosely and I have tried the blouse on my Blythe. The blouse fit Blythe quite comfortably.


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