Don’t You Hate It When………

You are almost done with a project and find that you are missing the exact thing that you need to finish it.

I was working on this mini bjd vest for pullip body size 3 and 4:


and, I thought that it would be lovely trimmed with a little bit of rabbit fur. I figured that I had some rabbit fur. No worries. Well, I went to get it out and realized that keeping it in a plastic bin for over a decade does not preserve it well. So, I go to Etsy and find a very nice lady in Alaska who makes fur baby booties and order a small amount of rabbit scraps.

So while I am waiting, I start a new sewing project for a bjd blouse (still sized for pullip body 3 and 4) made with upcycled antique linens. Isn’t the hand stitched butterfly gorgeous!!! Whoever stitched this motif had a lovely fine hand!


But then I realize that I had a ton of large snaps but no small snaps, so while I am waiting for Amazon to deliver my snaps. I started a skirt to pair with the blouse.


The snaps should be here today, so I will be looking forward to finishing two of the three project very soon :):)


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