My J-Doll Sized BJD Vest is Coming Along


Sorry for the poor lighting, but I took these laid out on the kitchen table and I think that if I am going to insist on taking picture on my kitchen table, it would be best to move my table very soon!

Anyway, I have most of the stitching done and have embroidered some bullion stitch flowers around the neckline and down the front. I am wanting to trim the edges in some white rabbit fur. I looked on-line and found a couple of thin rabbit fur trims, but one was located in South Korea and the other in Bulgaria. I really don’t want to wait so long for mailing, so I will have to do some more searching. If nothing else, I can get a rabbit pelt and cut my own. I found plenty of US listings for pelts. I will update when I am done with this project.

For the meantime, I have started to cut out my next sewing projects. I am using some antique linens. The hand work is amazing! I got a huge pile of these old linens at a local antique/junk shop last year for about .25 cents each as they have stains and spots. There are too many beautiful unstained bits left to throw away and repurposing them for lovely little doll clothes is a perfect use. Of course, I doubt that I will leave the finished clothes with only the embroidery the fabrics came with. I adore embellishing!


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