Long time, no talk

I know that it has been a looooong while since I posted here but a lot has happened:) My grandson (Gregory age 2) moved in for the past 4 months and then my daughter (won’t name names but for those that know, my eldest) didn’t like me calling her for the last 4 months asking her to take responsibility and had a friend to pick him up.

It is amazing how wonderful and time consuming a little one is!!! And how quickly you can forget how much trouble they can find and how much joy they can give-lol!!

A 2 year old can get into anything!!! You may think everything is put up, but a little one will let you know quick anything that you forgot and then look at you with THOSE eyes and say sorry…ha,ha,ha!!!

His Birthday is on the 15th of Nov and I will be seeing him then and for Thanksgiving (US Thanksgiving) and Yule too:)

I have been busy with my Etsy store meantime:)

Listing new handmade, of course. Her are a few pictures of my latest!!!!:



Wishing you all luck and happiness!!!