Making matresses and other things!!

My daughters mattress was shot…seriously old and donated to us by someone who had stored it who knows how long in a barn…even had a hole in it from where a rat chewed its’ way in at one time<gross shivers…really freaked me out!!> I’m totally on barely there budget (aren’t we all)! So, I looked at how antique mattresses were made and came up with a plan.
I sewed two sheets together and stuff it full of fluffed mohair from leftover combings of doll hair for the last couple of years (been saving it up for make rug yarn for rugs around our house)..stitched it here and there like a tie quilt and ta da!!! It is amazingly COMFY!!! And it looks like a mattress, too-lol!
Just figured that I would pass this on as so many of us our struggling and a mattress is a big ticket item. I read that they can be stuffed with cotton, feathers, wool, and even hay(bet that one is prickly!!)

My Birthday has come and gone and ,boy!!!, was I ever spoiled!! I got a full set of straight bamboo knitting needles, seed beads galore and the most wondeful BFL wool ever. Here are links to the two bfl yarns that I have just finished:):)


Enjoy your night and the whole of this brand new year!!
Well, off to drink some night, night tea with honey….work is waiting tomorrow-vbg!