Very Busy Week

A german sheperd showed up in the yard. We asked around, but no one has even heard of anyone with a german shepard around here. A lot of people dump thier animals back this way, so we took her in:):)She is getting on well…washing the baby kittens and cries when I leave-lol. My big cats are not happy, though. All of them have elected to live in my art studio instead of the house now. The only adult cat that I have in is Bagel, as he was hit by a truck…poor fellow. He has been moving slow, but improves daily. Here are some pictures of the newest addition to the house, Sheba:


My youngest daughter, Emma, turned 11 this past Sunday.

She is a fashion jewelry,clothes and makeup
Wanted a Blythe so I gave her mine

Yes, I did give her one of my Blythe dolls. She really wanted one and I could not afford another for her right now. I did give her a pink set of eyes and took the red out for one that I am customizing, though-vbg!

And, of course, I have been working alot in the studio. So I’ve been keeping busy!



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