Emma opened a shop!!

Carefully not addressing the issue of my eldest daughter and my suggestions that if she had no transportation she should open an Etsy store. She moved out after a week to go live off her ex fiances’ parents with her ex fiance and his new fiance…now doesn’t that just sound like a Jerry Springer show in the making!

But my youngest daughter, all of 10 years old, thought an Etsy shop of her own would be GREAT! So, I am pleased to announce Emmas’ World of Wonders on Etsy…link:


Where she makes steampunk wire jewelry. Right now she just has wire charms and some stone wraps listed, but she has got a few finished bracelets to list soon that really shows how it goes:):)

As for the rest  of us. We are hanging in. I play with doll hair, Dwain is my background and moral support, his mom does the cooking for the most part and Jade helps where needed. Sure going to miss them when school starts, but I swear that Summers are shorter than when I was a kid-lol!

Well, I guess that I best get back with the program of washing, dyeing and combing.

Enjoy your life!!!