What has happend?

or what hasn’t-lol! Work has been enjoyably furious! My Custom Order list for now and Spring has had an amazingly large response!!! Been busy-vbg!

My cats (all three girls) have had bunch of babies!! I have tried free cycle and craig list and they are all still here.

My Mom metions my not blogging at every conversation that I have had with her on the phone lately….so here is for you mom:):)

I was turning the shed to a house and we were doing a pretty awesome job of it but the neighbors complained to codes and so there went that and now we are living in MILs; house But, she needs us. She can make her house payment, but not her utility bills, so that is where we come in. The schools are much, much better for the kids too and I’m using the shed..with the aid of a small business loan for a.c..as my workshop/studio.

We have the garden in and now have an now have an abundance of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and zuchini.

Our angora bun just had 4 new babies. All healthy and strong.

Speaking of babies..my eldest child (19) is supposed to be arriving tonight with her little boy to move in as she never got the hang of actually working. Misguided as as it may be, I hope through the tough love and buck up system..I hope that I can bring her to the point of first job and being able to take care of her little boy.

I hope that it works, but it is so odd to be a Grandmother at 39!!! Grandma and nanny and granman have been taken, so I was thinking of Nonna? It is Italian and I am not, but I do like it better than some of the other cultural words for the same:):)

Other news…Jade will be off to middle school next year and Emma will newly in the gifted and talented student program next year!! GO kids!!

Well, that is all the news worth printing!!
Have a great one!!