New Shop Window

I have a window in my shop now….Yippee!! A friend of my Honeys’ does remodel work and had pulled this old window out a house he was working on. He called and asked my Honey if he would like to buy it for $10. He bought it right up for my shop and installed it right off. He is so sweet!!

Now a little paint on the ourside and it will look great!

The funny thing is…I had a dresser with a shelf and a drawered bin and two boxes there before the window was put in. I had to pull everything out to get the window in. Even though the other wall was too short to put the shelf back on the dresser, it is now against the wall next to the door, I actually ended up with more space for the rearranging..huh? Go figure-lol!

Well, I’v been working on Lavender locks today, so I best get back to it!

Have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “New Shop Window

  1. Good job stephanie, I read every word! How about the baby calling you Grammy? That is what Jody has always called me and it has a nice warm feel to it. But i guess that makes me a great grammy lol

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