New Shop Window

I have a window in my shop now….Yippee!! A friend of my Honeys’ does remodel work and had pulled this old window out a house he was working on. He called and asked my Honey if he would like to buy it for $10. He bought it right up for my shop and installed it right off. He is so sweet!!

Now a little paint on the ourside and it will look great!

The funny thing is…I had a dresser with a shelf and a drawered bin and two boxes there before the window was put in. I had to pull everything out to get the window in. Even though the other wall was too short to put the shelf back on the dresser, it is now against the wall next to the door, I actually ended up with more space for the rearranging..huh? Go figure-lol!

Well, I’v been working on Lavender locks today, so I best get back to it!

Have a great day!!


Alot has been going on

Hi! It has been a long time since I last blogged, but ALOT has been going on!

Where to start, where to start….I suppose the beginning is best.

Well, last I wrote…not meaning the pattern that I gave, but actually wrote…was right after Yule and money was tight and getting tighter, like for so many, many, FAR too many people out there. Eventually, things were getting really behind…like the mortgage….yikes! and something just had to be done!  My Mother In Law called my husband all upset, too, as things were just as tight for her. She wished we could move back in. Last we lived here I swore that I would never, as it is no secret…she has never liked me from the beginning and that was that.

Well, I knew that the individual we were buying the house from would not have kicked us out. That made the decision so much more difficult in a way, but easy, too. I knew that the neighborhood was not the calm, peaceful little community that the real estate agent had painted it to be now, as well. Actually, the next street over had two crack houses, there was a pill dealer behind us, and I couldn’t weed the front flower beds without some guy stopping his vehicle and asking if I was..uh um <clearing throat> and how much!

At first, I said NO way…not going back to my mother in laws…rather be hung upside down by my toes first!! But, I gave it alot of thought over a few days…combing mohair doll locks gives one a great deal of time for contemplation. And, thought that I might be being a wee bit selfish. I thought…yeah, the fellow who we are buying the house from is nice enough to let us ‘ride’ as long as we needed to, but should he not instead have someone in there who could pay…I sure didn’t know when I would be able to catch things up. It seemed rather dishonorable to me on that score. I thought about the neighborhood and how I had to make sure the doors were locked when I was home and how I felt safe only with my machete next to me, if my Honey was out…was that a fair way to live. Was it fair to my children? Was it fair to my Mother in Law to have her not able to keep up on her bills just because she didn’t like me…..okay, well then, she did go out of her way to make me miserable when we last stay here, but should it be just about me? Finally, I decided on what was fair, what was honorable, but what was fair to me, too!

We moved back…well, sort of. The kids are staying in with her and we are building a house in her yard as neighbors. We have taken over her existing shed that she was not using…not one of those dirt floor metal ones mind you…but one of those larger barn types and have been slowly converting it into a house. It is very small for just me and my Honey, but it will grow! We have insulated it and sheetrocked and even painted the walls a very nice ‘undeer the sea’ light blue. We have started an addition on it and are up to a flushing toilet…yay!!…can’t wait untill we move up to a shower!! We have a plan to add on adddition rooms for bedrooms, so the kids can move back in with us…not that we are very far way, but I still would rather have them under MY roof. I had to have my Honey throw up a workshop first thing, though, as work does not stop for me. It is a bit rough and crowded, but the cats can not get at the mohair-lol.

Where I work
Although a bit crowded

But then it turns out that I have five truckloads of art supplies! I suppose, I need to getting to some serious creativeness once the custom orders are out of the way. No electricity out there as, yet, but the roof is clear plastic panels so as long as the sun does shine…besides, my cats do love to climb up there and look down upon me to see what I am doing.

I am still doing the combed mohair locks, of course:

Pink kid mohair

Also, I have recently finished a Blythe reroot for a customer. Here a picture of one of my girls modeling it:


I need to custom this girl one of these days! I had picked her up cheaply, as she was used as a practice doll for someone else…I do have alot of ideas on that point, though! See, I’ve got this girl that was someones’ messed up custom and they had dyed her hair brown, but had left it on her when it was done. The result, naturally, was a brown dyed scalp…even the dome under the scalp is brown-lol! Well, I was thinking to reroot her, as her hair is very thin anyway, but I didn’t want to reroot the brown dyed scalp as her skin tone doesn’t match. She also has a chip in her face place near the top, like someone thought about taking the scalp off first, but started to damage her and that is why it was left on and you can still see the sanding marks on her face, too.

I can’t afford to buy her a new scalp for rooting, so I was thinking to remove her eye mechanisms and dye all of her (scalp, faceplate, body, the works) an interesting color and fairy her out. Maybe, blue or green or peach with yellow. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet, but it would be fun. And, to have some  new eye chips to set off her coloring with my mohair and the right clothes. Carve a design leading out from the chip and inset some glittery faceted stones….well, I think that she would be uniquely wonderful and totally different.

Also, yesterday, was a BIG day for me. My eldest daughter finally got over being mad at me for telling her things like you should get a job, should be using birth control if you are being active and go back to high school and finish your education. She stopped by and brought my very first grandson to see me!!! I know, I am not even 40 yet, but I am a Grandma-lol! Here is a group picture of my husband and I with my eldest and youngest children and my new grandbaby boy, Gregory, Jr! Isn’t he adorable!!

Group shot at my mother in laws house

I know, I look a mess-lol. But she didn’t call first and I’d been working all day. Still definately worth the moment!

It was baby day. To top it off my kitty, Kissyface, that I had hand raised from two weeks old, had a litter of five little cuties herself last night. I tried to get a good picture, but she glared at me after the first one-lol.

Also, I reopened my Artfire store…crossing fingers and hoping to do well!

Well, I’m off to combing locks. I’ve got orders to fill:0)

Have a great day!