November is over and Christmas is on the way…yikes

November is over and I didn’t blog much <sigh>. I meant to…really I did, but time has a way of slipping and I’m told that the older you get the faster it goes by…in that case, I will hate to see how fast it flings by when I’m 100!!!

Christmas..or, Yule, as we celebrate it here, is almost upon us. I kept waiting for the money miracle to happen. I know that all of us are feeling the same way about now…what with the economy being what it is..but you know what the money miracle is…where a HUGE amount of money swoops down from nowhere and save Christmas..well, it is the 13th and Yule is the I best get moving because no money miracle has happened!

Well, presents are short this year with worrying about bills and I’ve come up with a few super quick knit projects to pad that Christmas present bill:) For one take the most super bulky yarn in your stash and cast on 16 stitches with size 13 double pointed needles. A quick 2 purl, 2 knit with some bits on colorwork here and there and a little back and forth to create a thumbhole make for fast fingerless mitts. Use some dark colors and …bingo..a present for the oh so hard to shop for fellow!! Don’t worry, formal free pattern coming soon!! Heck, I’ll even take some pictures in the next day  or two! I made two pairs for my son, Jade, between watching ‘Waking Dead’ on AMC the night before  and coffee the next morning:) For girls, what about some bulky knit leg warmers. Start out with some bulky, but less so than the fingerless mitts, on some 10dpns and some fun novelty glitter yarn…knit, knit, knit in circles and throw in a quick lace on size US13 dpns for the body of it…such as k2tog, make 3,k2tog, repeat…next row knit….ect..on and on…fold down the cuff…btw-cast on for leg warmers is 32 with an increase to 40 stitches when you start the lace:):)

Well, just a few little ideas and, like I said, formal patterns coming in the near future! Now get out the big needles and bulky yarns..time is a wasting!!!


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