Almost All Hallows and the New Shop

I would like to share this picture of the kids with you from last week. It was taken in the morning before school. The theme that day was to dress like what you will be when you grow up. Here are my babies dressed in their chosen adult roles:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Here is Emma the movie star (she also wants to be a doctor, a veterinarian and a lawyer) and Jade the CEO of Pumpkin Seeds; although, by the end of the day, he was President of the United States. My….how they grow so fast!

For All Hallows Eve, though, it is another story and I can’t wait to get a picture. Jade, as of yet, is undecided, but wants to be something scary. Emma, on the other hand, knows what she wants….she wants to be a hobo vampire zombie! She even has the plastic fangs!

My new shop has now been open since last Saturday. Still no sales, but I have gotten some Hearts (for those who haven’t been to Etsy yet, that means that your shop or item has been marked a favorite by a member). So, I’m still combing curls and making doll things for two stores now…very fun!!! I have been enjoying watching It is a Doll Thing start out and I feel pride in my Strings and Things!! Here are a few pictures of new listings…one from each store. A lovely hand knit  scarf  and hand dyed wools:

Made with my handspun mohair,alpaca & angora rabbit yarns
Merino X and Romney...makes me want to spin!!

Well, I want to get a little knitting done this morning so I’ll wish you all a safe day!!! I’m off to play with Us00 needles and some thread like (seriously!! frog hair) silk !! Have fun today!!!!


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