Some doll things going on

I’ve started on my first Blythe fashion. I’ve got the pattern sketched out, the fabric cut and the basic pattern sewn…Ta-da…

Dress in the 'rough'

Now I’m working on the FUN part…the embellishments. I absolutely LOVE to embellish!! I’ve started with a beaded edge and by the time that I’m through with the hem alone I’ll have approximately 600 individually hand sewn seed beads. Of course, there is the sleeve edges, bodice and neckline and not to mention the fluffy skirt to use as blank canvas. Here is a peek at the hem so far….

The details really make a dress

Of course, fibers are not forgotten. I’m still doing quite a lot of doll locks and, even though I don’t have time to spin, fleece is still very much appreciated around here.

Zoe LOVES mohair and alpaca

Wishing the world a happy day!!


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