Had to share her

I’m just heading back to the shop to comb some beautiful doll locks, but I just wanted to take a moment to share:)

I got a Blythe doll!! My very first one. What fun!! She came to me nude, so I borrowed some commercially made doll clothes from my daughters’ room and snapped a few pictures…

Her eyes change color. Isn’t that cool! She has a string in the back of her head and it goes through 4 color changes all together. Green, blue, pink and orange.

She may be wearing cast off Barbie clothes for now, but I plan to have a great time creating Blythe fashions for her to wear. Silks and satins, gemstones and beads, fine embroideries and hand stitched needlelaces…she is going to look GOOD!

Well, back to the workshop! Have a most gorgeous day!!


What has been going on in my life..

To start with, Jade found some caterpillars outside and watched them cocoon up, hatch and told them about flying. Here is a picture of him instructing his butterfly:

Now that the all of the new butterflies have been taught and let off to their new found freedom, we went to Lake Hartwell for a picnic. We hiked to the dam and took pictures. Then, we read the sign that says not to take pictures, so I stood there a minute erasing them from my camera…just in case. Next, we went back down the path to one of the pretty little coves that have been set in by man and had us a lovely picnic of cold cut sandwiches.

The Lake water was fine so we read our books and let the kids go for a dip.

Jade found that wet sand makes for the absolute BEST building material and set right off to work:

Emma herself was Queen of the Mermaid Sea and had a throne of stone where offering of seashells were left at her feet:

Also, Jade has decided to take up violin, so we are anxiously awaiting his ebay bought violin to arrive. It looks like this:

I am anxiously awaiting my first Blythe doll to arrive in the mail!! So excited!!!

Link to my dolly:


I’m planning a whole series of Blythe serious fashions…bwah-ha-haaa-lol! And, naturally, I have still been playing with fibers:^)

Wishing you all a lovely day!!!!