Hiking Table Rock on a Sunday

This past Sunday my family had enough. I had worked everyday all day long  in my workshop for the past month and a half/two months and they wanted me back. So, they took me hiking up at Table Rock.

Table Rock in Pickens,SC

We started at the trail heads where they had set up a delightful little education center about some of the wildlife that is found in the state park. We saw lives snakes and bear prints. Emma was brave and conquered her fear of snakes long enough to have this picture took:

Holding a snakeskin and trying to smile for the camera

Jade made a point of being prepared and kept his canteen full from the start.

And then we were ready to go. We passed waterfalls…

And went up steep root strewn paths…

There was lots of going uphill

took breaks…

Emma got so tired and Jade so curious to explore

But we all made the hike and even the woods smiled upon us…

We didn’t make the smiley, but it was sure fun to  find:0)

Can’t wait until we go hiking again!!!!! It was GREAT!!!

Back to school

The kids had their first day of school yesterday. For all their griping at the end of last year and wanting me to home school, when it came time, they wanted to go back to public school. They were excited to be returning to public school. They told me that it is sooooo boring here-lol.So we went Monday night for the teacher meet and greet. Both their teachers seemed super nice and Emmas’ teacher had just made teacher of the year.

Their first day went well for them; although, being the first day, I was surprised that they both came home with homework. Even more surprising, neither one of them was upset over having homework the first day!

I’ve still been combing doll locks. They have really taken off, but then they are so pretty!! And, I’ve been doing my best to create yarns in between combing. Actually, I just sold a yarn in my Etsy shop last night that I really love-I did consider keeping it for myself. It is 100% Alpaca-Yum!! I call it Chocolate Sprinkles. Here is a picture:

Chocolate Sprinkles!!

It will be off in the mail today. And, I am sure that its’ new owner will be delighted with its’ softness. Lucky!!!<grin>

I really thought that July would be a better month!!

I really did think that July would be a better month for blogging!!!

I started out so well and then one thing led to another on mohair for dolls! It has been great, but so lousy for blogging.  I’ve been brushing and brushing and they have been heading out to doll artists from Thailand to France; from Canada to England to here in the US. So now I’ve started combing them…..

Bright Paris Lights
Bright Paris Lights
Northern Lights