Air Conditioning and lots of Mohair

My studio is now cooool!!! It doesn’t look very pretty, but it works. I now have an air conditioner out there!!! Hoorah!!!


My husband installed it last week, but, alas, there was no outlets over there. For now it runs on a brand new heavy duty extension cord.

I haven’t got much unpacking done. But, I have been getting plenty of work done. Remember my work table from the last post about my studio? So empty and full of promise. Some raw mohair fleece draped across it. Well, here are just some of the mohair fibers that I’ve got laid across it now:

There is more…many more…. But I do make it outside sometimes, too. I will leave you with a picture of the very first fig on the tiny little tree that we planted right after we moved in. A friend of ours gave it to us as a housewarming present and it is fitting that it bears fruit:)


The benefit of having a studio

Little did I know what others had and I missed by not having a place to go to ‘work’.

Yesterday morning I was awoke by my cat singing to me at 4:30 am. Well, I’m not sure it was singing. She was sitting on the edge of my computer table facing me and meowing and meowing. She might have been singing. She might have been saying ‘Human, you have slept long enough. Get up and pet me!’ Whichever it was, I was up. And, then dog saw me awake and needed attention, too. And, then my cat needed more love. And, I was just awake at 4:30 now…thank you very much.

Well, everyone else was sleeping , of course. And, here I am thinking that if I move around and turn on lights..well, won’t everyone be pleased to be awake…HA!! So, I laid back in bed and laid there and thought….I have a own studio. Yippee. I was up and clothed and out the door in ten seconds. I spent the next three and a half hours listening to the birds come awake and watching the city come alive as dawn broke while brushing mohair and drinking coffee before my house awoke. It was fun and I got alot done.

Unfortunately, the studio can not be used full time, yet. We need to install proper plugs and wiring for the air conditioner. I can’t wait:)