New Studio!!

It was time. It was past time. My house was being swallowed by my ‘arts’. They needed their own space or, maybe, in truth, we needed our living space back. All through the house, in closets and under beds, tottering on the leaning towers of shelves and bagged and boxed behind chairs you could find my papers and clay bins, my beads and fibers. Here is a visual:

Very messy...

Very messy and hard to find project materials, too. The final straw was when I added 70 pounds of alpaca fleece to the mix.
So Dwain, that most wonderful of men, spent three days clearing out the garage to become my studio. Now during the midst of this we, also, decided to move the living room downstairs to my sons room and his room to the old living room. Well, then my daughter just HAD to have a new room, too. So, we switched with her. The cats are confused by all of this and I think the dog is, too. But it is done. Well, except for the unpacking in my studio. It looks like this now:

And, the garage still looks quite a bit like a garage. I was thinking to make a fabric drape to hide some of this:

But, I’m already starting to break the place in and get a little work done. I’ve been sorting through mohair fleece that just arrived from my supplier in Idaho (Thank you so much Cheryl) to help me re stock my store after that bit of financial trauma that went on last month while enjoying the view from my work table windows:

Cheryl has REALLY great fleeces! LUV IT!!

Okay, I’ve got a view of the neighbors and our truck, but..hey, at least it has windows and I am thrilled!!!

I’ve got some mohair to go and color today and unpacking and decorating still to do. Have a great day! I will!!!


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