Been busy, as usual:)

I’ve been busy re stocking my store. I’ve got to keep it full to help pay the bills(don’t you hate those pesky things-lol), but it is so nice to do so with something that I enjoy doing.

I’ve made lots of yarn recently. I call this one Fun Colors. It has a bit of everything in it. Angora, silk, merino, merino x, mohair, camel, llama, alpaca,blue faced leicester, dorset…just random bits that were left in my work basket. I think that it came out FUN and very lively…see :

Made with a bit of everything.

And, I’ve been making mini skeins. So, now I have a new section in my shop called Pick Your Own Handspun Minis. That way I can offer all different little minis and you can pick whichever ones you would  like to go together for your projects. Here are some of the minis.

It is a start, but I want to build up an entire selection. I love filling my store with color and looking at the pages. I’ve, also, been dyeing fibers….

….But, I’ve been grabbing a spare minute here and there for I got a new thing to play with….found ready to be tossed inside an old bread bag..with one of its’ plastic corner latches broke off and a few of the ‘pegs’ missing(sorry, don’t know the technical term:)..with loops, hook and instructions (from 1948!!!!)…I now have a pot holder loom!!!

See and here is the date!!!

Now, I think that is just cool!!!


3 thoughts on “Been busy, as usual:)


    This site has LOTS of fun projects to make on little looms like the one you found =)
    I collect the little buggers – they are addicting!
    Continuous weaving on a any of them is a wonderful use of those little bits of yarn left at the end of a project.


  2. Oh my gosh I’m so glad I waited to post!!! The person who posted before me put up a great link!

    Welcome to your new fiber addiction! 😉 I just can’t wait to see what you make;)

  3. Lovely yarn! And that nifty little loom is good for more than pot holders! You can sew together squares using the loops along the sides and make scarves, blankets etc etc. Just think of the endless hours you could spend at it! LOL! Sweet find!

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