Jades’ Birthday!!!!

A little belated, but I thought that I would catch you up:):) So many of you helped!!! And, in doing so you not only helped with the bills, but made one little boy very happy!!! He is officially 11 now, by the way! Getting big so fast, as they always say!!! So, with a big THANK YOU to all that helped to make this possible!!!


Cake, YUM!!!! Oh, yes their was presents, too.

$20 at Toys r Us!!! Can you believe the price!!

I went to Walmart and saw only a bunch of junk, plastic toys with over priced stickers. Everything there seemed to be a movie spin off in plastic…blahhh!!! My kids are into science. Luckily, we have a Toy r Us not a block away from Wally-World. On a whim, we popped in and found this metal detector for $20…kaaaaching…his big present-g. He claims that it is the best present that he has ever got!! Shannon(from Sunrise lodge Fiber Studio) has suggested throwing a handful of loose change out in the back yard for him to find. I like the way she thinks!! I’ve got 30 or 40 pennies here and won’t he have a blast ‘discovering’ them!!!

Goosebumps!!!A thrift store find (along with some clothes…I don’t think that he was quite as excited about those gifts:) But, my children LOVE to read and the thrift store is a great place for books. So cheap and you never know what you will find. depending on the Thrift…a paperback book costs anywhere from .25cents to $1.00. Can’t be that!!!

Of course, my personal favorite was:

A pack of underwear!

Really now, what childhood birthday would be complete with out new drawers:):)

Have a lovely night. I”m going back to my spinning!!!


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