Tough Times and Kind Hearts

I haven’t wrote a blog post in a bit because I haven’t really had anything too much that was cheerful to say and I do want this to be a happy place. But, we have been going through some serious financial troubles.

Being a stay at home Mom doesn’t give me a lot of flexibility about what I could do about our situation, either. I’ve been trying to make stock for my Etsy shop as quick as possible in order to stay on the front pages of the listings and have some variety in hopes that something that I’ve made would stimulate some business. As I’ve heard everywhere on the net, Spring is a slow time of year for shopping. Winter is finally over and the heat of the Summer sun hasn’t chased everyone indoors to hover around air conditioners, yet. Everyone is out and about, putting in gardens, taking vacations as the kids are let free of school and generally not staying by their computers. In other words, everyone is doing the same things that I’m usually doing this time of year.

But, as I’ve said, tough times. Tough times here and everywhere else, too. Everyone that I know seems to be weighed down by our lagging economy, lack of jobs and sharp competition for what few (at least in our area) that are available.  But, after a three week stint of virtually no income, we were in serious distress ourselves. I thought to throw a sale in my store. I did so a last month as we saw our troubles coming and it didn’t really do much for sales. I ran that sale for weeks hoping that something would come of it. Not much did. I got to thinking (while spinning, which is a really great time to think) about an e friend who just had a yard sale. But, I’ve heard that selling hand crafts at a yard sale don’t really do well at all. So I figured that I would have a yard sale in my shop.

A Yard Sale in my shop…make an offer!! But, what is my sale for? A holiday? A clearance? I couldn’t think of a ‘normal’ Business-y reason for one, so why not just tell the truth. And, I did! All of it. The mortgage not getting paid, the utilities threatening to be disconnected and even my sons’ impending birthday.

I really didn’t expect much to happen about it. Might drum up a sale or two, as everyone is having tough times, being that a few people who might like to dicker might have fun with it. Was worried, too, that I might turn people ‘off’ on my store altogether for not everyone wants to hear about someone elses’ troubles when everyone is having their own. But, honesty is the best policy and is always worth a try!

Well, I must say that first day I cried!!! I felt such an outpouring of love and community by the response that I did get. People shopped, people put us in their prayers, people sent me so much positive well wishes and good energy that I positively started to get mushy in my responses or even a bit stilted here and there as my brain couldn’t process what was happening too well going from one mental extreme to another.

I put each of those shoppers, that had a shop, too, in my favorites. Times go up and down. And, next time I have a bit of extra, I’m going to know that I will be shopping the stores of the most caring of people!

I know that my shop didn’t even hold enough stock to ‘end’ all of my troubles. BUT, my sales over the last few days and what my dear husband has brought in, have been enough to keep the utilities ON!!! YAY!!! and my son will have a nice birthday, too. Maybe, not what one would consider elaborate by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, he will have presents and cake and we are so grateful here for that!!

So….THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! to all you wonderful and caring people. I wish you all the absolute best of Karma!!! I hope that you all read this and know how much your help and prayers mean to us!!

I’m going to take the ‘Yard Sale’ off the store. I believe we can make do from here. And, good thing, too, as my shop is about empty!!! I’ll be working on restocking it with a lighter heart and a much improved opinion of human kindness!!

Once again…Thank you all so very, very much.


One thought on “Tough Times and Kind Hearts

  1. It is honesty and shared pain that often bring folks of like mind together… In these times I think we are all aware of how close each of us are to losing all our material goods and it brings us closer to appreciating what REALLY matters – family, friends, honor, and integrity.
    Even if you were to lose it all – you are FAR ahead of the rat race in that you see what you have that is truly of value!
    Bless you!

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