New Studio!!

It was time. It was past time. My house was being swallowed by my ‘arts’. They needed their own space or, maybe, in truth, we needed our living space back. All through the house, in closets and under beds, tottering on the leaning towers of shelves and bagged and boxed behind chairs you could find my papers and clay bins, my beads and fibers. Here is a visual:

Very messy...

Very messy and hard to find project materials, too. The final straw was when I added 70 pounds of alpaca fleece to the mix.
So Dwain, that most wonderful of men, spent three days clearing out the garage to become my studio. Now during the midst of this we, also, decided to move the living room downstairs to my sons room and his room to the old living room. Well, then my daughter just HAD to have a new room, too. So, we switched with her. The cats are confused by all of this and I think the dog is, too. But it is done. Well, except for the unpacking in my studio. It looks like this now:

And, the garage still looks quite a bit like a garage. I was thinking to make a fabric drape to hide some of this:

But, I’m already starting to break the place in and get a little work done. I’ve been sorting through mohair fleece that just arrived from my supplier in Idaho (Thank you so much Cheryl) to help me re stock my store after that bit of financial trauma that went on last month while enjoying the view from my work table windows:

Cheryl has REALLY great fleeces! LUV IT!!

Okay, I’ve got a view of the neighbors and our truck, but..hey, at least it has windows and I am thrilled!!!

I’ve got some mohair to go and color today and unpacking and decorating still to do. Have a great day! I will!!!


Been busy, as usual:)

I’ve been busy re stocking my store. I’ve got to keep it full to help pay the bills(don’t you hate those pesky things-lol), but it is so nice to do so with something that I enjoy doing.

I’ve made lots of yarn recently. I call this one Fun Colors. It has a bit of everything in it. Angora, silk, merino, merino x, mohair, camel, llama, alpaca,blue faced leicester, dorset…just random bits that were left in my work basket. I think that it came out FUN and very lively…see :

Made with a bit of everything.

And, I’ve been making mini skeins. So, now I have a new section in my shop called Pick Your Own Handspun Minis. That way I can offer all different little minis and you can pick whichever ones you would¬† like to go together for your projects. Here are some of the minis.

It is a start, but I want to build up an entire selection. I love filling my store with color and looking at the pages. I’ve, also, been dyeing fibers….

….But, I’ve been grabbing a spare minute here and there for I got a new thing to play with….found ready to be tossed inside an old bread bag..with one of its’ plastic corner latches broke off and a few of the ‘pegs’ missing(sorry, don’t know the technical term:)..with loops, hook and instructions (from 1948!!!!)…I now have a pot holder loom!!!

See and here is the date!!!

Now, I think that is just cool!!!

Jades’ Birthday!!!!

A little belated, but I thought that I would catch you up:):) So many of you helped!!! And, in doing so you not only helped with the bills, but made one little boy very happy!!! He is officially 11 now, by the way! Getting big so fast, as they always say!!! So, with a big THANK YOU to all that helped to make this possible!!!


Cake, YUM!!!! Oh, yes their was presents, too.

$20 at Toys r Us!!! Can you believe the price!!

I went to Walmart and saw only a bunch of junk, plastic toys with over priced stickers. Everything there seemed to be a movie spin off in plastic…blahhh!!! My kids are into science. Luckily, we have a Toy r Us not a block away from Wally-World. On a whim, we popped in and found this metal detector for $20…kaaaaching…his big present-g. He claims that it is the best present that he has ever got!! Shannon(from Sunrise lodge Fiber Studio) has suggested throwing a handful of loose change out in the back yard for him to find. I like the way she thinks!! I’ve got 30 or 40 pennies here and won’t he have a blast ‘discovering’ them!!!

Goosebumps!!!A thrift store find (along with some clothes…I don’t think that he was quite as excited about those gifts:) But, my children LOVE to read and the thrift store is a great place for books. So cheap and you never know what you will find. depending on the Thrift…a paperback book costs anywhere from .25cents to $1.00. Can’t be that!!!

Of course, my personal favorite was:

A pack of underwear!

Really now, what childhood birthday would be complete with out new drawers:):)

Have a lovely night. I”m going back to my spinning!!!

Tough Times and Kind Hearts

I haven’t wrote a blog post in a bit because I haven’t really had anything too much that was cheerful to say and I do want this to be a happy place. But, we have been going through some serious financial troubles.

Being a stay at home Mom doesn’t give me a lot of flexibility about what I could do about our situation, either. I’ve been trying to make stock for my Etsy shop as quick as possible in order to stay on the front pages of the listings and have some variety in hopes that something that I’ve made would stimulate some business. As I’ve heard everywhere on the net, Spring is a slow time of year for shopping. Winter is finally over and the heat of the Summer sun hasn’t chased everyone indoors to hover around air conditioners, yet. Everyone is out and about, putting in gardens, taking vacations as the kids are let free of school and generally not staying by their computers. In other words, everyone is doing the same things that I’m usually doing this time of year.

But, as I’ve said, tough times. Tough times here and everywhere else, too. Everyone that I know seems to be weighed down by our lagging economy, lack of jobs and sharp competition for what few (at least in our area) that are available.¬† But, after a three week stint of virtually no income, we were in serious distress ourselves. I thought to throw a sale in my store. I did so a last month as we saw our troubles coming and it didn’t really do much for sales. I ran that sale for weeks hoping that something would come of it. Not much did. I got to thinking (while spinning, which is a really great time to think) about an e friend who just had a yard sale. But, I’ve heard that selling hand crafts at a yard sale don’t really do well at all. So I figured that I would have a yard sale in my shop.

A Yard Sale in my shop…make an offer!! But, what is my sale for? A holiday? A clearance? I couldn’t think of a ‘normal’ Business-y reason for one, so why not just tell the truth. And, I did! All of it. The mortgage not getting paid, the utilities threatening to be disconnected and even my sons’ impending birthday.

I really didn’t expect much to happen about it. Might drum up a sale or two, as everyone is having tough times, being that a few people who might like to dicker might have fun with it. Was worried, too, that I might turn people ‘off’ on my store altogether for not everyone wants to hear about someone elses’ troubles when everyone is having their own. But, honesty is the best policy and is always worth a try!

Well, I must say that first day I cried!!! I felt such an outpouring of love and community by the response that I did get. People shopped, people put us in their prayers, people sent me so much positive well wishes and good energy that I positively started to get mushy in my responses or even a bit stilted here and there as my brain couldn’t process what was happening too well going from one mental extreme to another.

I put each of those shoppers, that had a shop, too, in my favorites. Times go up and down. And, next time I have a bit of extra, I’m going to know that I will be shopping the stores of the most caring of people!

I know that my shop didn’t even hold enough stock to ‘end’ all of my troubles. BUT, my sales over the last few days and what my dear husband has brought in, have been enough to keep the utilities ON!!! YAY!!! and my son will have a nice birthday, too. Maybe, not what one would consider elaborate by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, he will have presents and cake and we are so grateful here for that!!

So….THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! to all you wonderful and caring people. I wish you all the absolute best of Karma!!! I hope that you all read this and know how much your help and prayers mean to us!!

I’m going to take the ‘Yard Sale’ off the store. I believe we can make do from here. And, good thing, too, as my shop is about empty!!! I’ll be working on restocking it with a lighter heart and a much improved opinion of human kindness!!

Once again…Thank you all so very, very much.