Big News

Guess what????

I've been knitting for baby!!!

Oh no!! Not me…….it is better…..I’m going to be a Grandmother! My eldest daughter(18yo) called last week and announced the news. I think that she is far too young, but, apparently, I didn’t get a vote. So, I’ve been designing knit baby items. Above is a bonnet and thumb-less mitten set in progress. It was done with some of Shannons most scrumptiously soft superwash merino….here is her shop link, if you want some: (I know that I want more:)

Today I went fishing and, naturally, I brought my knitting. I didn’t catch any fish, but I did get a bunch of knitting done on an angora sleeper shirt for the baby. I’m knitting it out of 100% angora that I’ve spun from my very own bunnies. It is coming along well and I’ll really have to try to take some pictures of it soon to share.

Until then, it is time to go put my little children to bed. Have a great night!!


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