Gardening, New Shawl and More Knitting

I didn’t  have time to put the garden in this year. I have put in a Spring garden every year for over a decade. It feels really odd to not have a large spot of veggies growing. I did plant some blueberry bushes and some roses, a carnation and a hydrangea, but no vegetables, yet; although, I still may…we have a long growing season here in the South. The worst of it is the middle to late Summer heat, which is not good for a garden at all. I try to always put my garden in partial shade for this reason.

I did get a ‘volunteer’ from last year, though. A volunteer is what we call a vegetable that comes up the following year usually from a seed from one who didn’t get picked the year before. In this case, it seems to be some sort of squash.

I have; however, been diligently working on a new pattern for a less than 200 yard shawlette. I’ve still got to put the buttons on:

Close Up

I’ll be putting the polish on the pattern this week and hope to have it released for sale by the end of the week. For now, I’m working with more of Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studios’ Lucky. Here is a work in progress, but I’ve started it over another way as I had dropped a stitched and frogged it in frustration. Yep, it happens to all of us, I know…

My work basket

Well, now…back to my knitting…..


So Inspired

I’m so inspired by baby that I’ve decided to start my own line of knitted baby patterns!!!

I’ve got three to offer right now. The Simply Elegant Baby Bonnet, Simply Easy Baby Mittens and the Snuggly Angora Sleeper Shirt all made completely from handspun yarn. I’m left handed, so I’ve made a point of writing the instruction to work no matter which hand you use. They will be available on Ravelry and in my Etsy store before the day is out <crossing fingers against the vagrancies of computer software>.

Snuggly Angora Sleeper Shirt

I have tons of ideas!!! So many wonderful things to knit. Babies have been inspiring to Artists throughout time and I seem to be no exception:):) Ah, I am a Grandmother to be……how exciting!

Big News

Guess what????

I've been knitting for baby!!!

Oh no!! Not me…….it is better…..I’m going to be a Grandmother! My eldest daughter(18yo) called last week and announced the news. I think that she is far too young, but, apparently, I didn’t get a vote. So, I’ve been designing knit baby items. Above is a bonnet and thumb-less mitten set in progress. It was done with some of Shannons most scrumptiously soft superwash merino….here is her shop link, if you want some: (I know that I want more:)

Today I went fishing and, naturally, I brought my knitting. I didn’t catch any fish, but I did get a bunch of knitting done on an angora sleeper shirt for the baby. I’m knitting it out of 100% angora that I’ve spun from my very own bunnies. It is coming along well and I’ll really have to try to take some pictures of it soon to share.

Until then, it is time to go put my little children to bed. Have a great night!!