Mystery Spindle? and Baby Rabbits

Really cool looking, isn't it:):)
A picture of the base

I was given this spindle awhile back and have been trying to figure out what kind it is or, maybe, even what it is. It has been suggested that it might be from Mexico for chocolate making or, perhaps, a Tibetan Prayer Wheel. I don’t think that it is the last one, as I looked them up on the Net and Prayer Wheels are much more involved..I do not think that it is a spindle anymore, neither. I tried to see if it would string up and there is absolutely no way that the single would wrap securely into the grooves at the top. It just slips right free. I do think that it would make a drop dead gorgeous spindle with a hook at the top. The grooves and that bead  by the ‘whorl’ might be a great way to securely hold slippery singles. I want to find out what it is first, though:):)

By the way the baby French/English Angora bunny babies are getting so big. They are 4 weeks old now and can chase their Momma down throughout the hutch. They are absolutely so darling. There are nine all together, but here are a few pictures of the ones that held still long enough.

She is orange (how odd!!)with spots
Her brother, Peanut
Two more!!

I can’t wait until they get really fuzzy. So much soft…oh, so very soft fiber in just a few more months!!!


One thought on “Mystery Spindle? and Baby Rabbits

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Those little bun buns are soooooo cute!!!!!! I just love them! 😉

    I’m not sure what your do dad is there but, you may want to make sure it’s not something the Antique Roadshow would be interested in;) ….but, it would be a wonderful spindle;)

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