Baby Angoras and Bath is done!

My French/English Angora doe had a lovely litter of nine kits a little over a week ago. They are starting to show their colors now.

So cute!!!!!!!

She is on a strict ‘no touch the baby basis’ right now. She is a very protective mother and doing a fine job. I need to build some new rabbit hutches soon:):)

On another supremely happy note, I’m finally done with the bathroom!! I thought that I would never get done with the painting, but there was alot of trim!!

Lots of trim!

I know the top of the window isn’t painted in the picture. It is now, though. I just wanted to give the bottom half a chance to dry, so I didn’t paint the window closed(I’ve done it before…lots). But, that isn’t all the trim.

See what was behind our bathroom mirror

I painted the dividing line on the walls white, too. Took a little more time, but I do like it! The mirror (had to have ours cut) now covers the hole on the left and the shelves on the right have new trim, painted white. And, not withstanding, the room does have two doors. I don’t know why such a small room needs two doors, but the had to get painted, too.

All in all, I am very proud of how it turned out. Not bad for a little housewife, but I’m definitely playing with fiber today. This one:

Deep Red Roses

With, maybe, some of this:

Fire Dancer

I do love my mohairs.

Have a great day!!


One thought on “Baby Angoras and Bath is done!

  1. Oh my!!! What a fun bright color for the bathroom!!!! I just love it! 🙂 …………..and the babies:) Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! They are soooooo cute!!! I would have to pet them all;)

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