For baby and remodeling.

Finished. Done. And, looking cute. My very first baby sweater is all ready for baby. Welcome to the world, Little One. I hope it fits!

It looks like it should, but babies do grow fast. I’m thinking it looks like a 3-6month size, but I haven’t seen a baby, yet, that wasn’t out of newborn sizes within 2 weeks. I’ll mail it out tomorrow.

Right now, I’m aching and sore. I’ve been painting for two days. It started out when I got my husband to build me more shelves for my constantly growing library. (I’m always on the hunt for new books.) While he was building, I went out to the garage to browse through leftover cans of paint and came across a 3/4 full can of light yellow. I had set it aside as I was hoping for white. Which I did find and use upon the shelves. But, while I was painting I had time to think about the yellow paint.

I decided to use it on the bathroom, as my Honey and I both disliked the brown and off white that they walls were when we had moved in. And, besides, the bathroom is small right?. And, I can use the leftover white on the trim. I don’t have a roller, but I do have a brush. Great plan!

Ha! My quick little repaint has taken 4 coats on the yellow to cover the brown and this old home has lots of trim. Excessive amounts when you are painting it, anyway. I’ll finish tomorrow. Tonight, I think I’ll hunt up the heating pad<smile>.

The shelf that started it all!

One thought on “For baby and remodeling.

  1. Oh happy baby sweater! πŸ™‚ Tooo darn cute!!!! πŸ˜‰

    You are so darn ambitious! How many coates was that?!?! No wonder you’re sore! πŸ™‚

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