A taste of Spring and the Baby Sweater

My yard is just starting to burst into color over the past few weeks. The tulips are in bloom:

One of the tulips next to our walkway

I got a new Hydrangea for the front yard, too. The tag on this one calls it ‘Glory’:

Like big fat snowballs in Spring!

And, best of all, the dogwoods are in bloom!

I’ve got the baby sweater blocked and awaiting buttons and trim:


I auditioned many buttons for this venture. I have ALOT of buttons. But, I’m sure we all do. Right? Here is where my buttons come from:

I chose these buttons and some lacy ribbon to lace through the yoke.

I’m hoping to have time to finish this today. I don’t know if I will, as I need to build a bookshelf in my wall to house my ever growing collection of paperback books.

Have a great Easter!! My kids are already packed with sugar thanks to the Easter Bunny:):):)


2 thoughts on “A taste of Spring and the Baby Sweater

  1. I just love the two tones on the sweater!!!!!!! Great button selection too! I thought I had a lot!! Lol!!!

    Have a wonderful Happy Easter!!!!!


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