Mystery Spindle? and Baby Rabbits

Really cool looking, isn't it:):)
A picture of the base

I was given this spindle awhile back and have been trying to figure out what kind it is or, maybe, even what it is. It has been suggested that it might be from Mexico for chocolate making or, perhaps, a Tibetan Prayer Wheel. I don’t think that it is the last one, as I looked them up on the Net and Prayer Wheels are much more involved..I do not think that it is a spindle anymore, neither. I tried to see if it would string up and there is absolutely no way that the single would wrap securely into the grooves at the top. It just slips right free. I do think that it would make a drop dead gorgeous spindle with a hook at the top. The grooves and that bead  by the ‘whorl’ might be a great way to securely hold slippery singles. I want to find out what it is first, though:):)

By the way the baby French/English Angora bunny babies are getting so big. They are 4 weeks old now and can chase their Momma down throughout the hutch. They are absolutely so darling. There are nine all together, but here are a few pictures of the ones that held still long enough.

She is orange (how odd!!)with spots
Her brother, Peanut
Two more!!

I can’t wait until they get really fuzzy. So much soft…oh, so very soft fiber in just a few more months!!!


Diamond Back Headband Pattern

Diamond Back Headband

Original Design by Stephanie A Smith

For Strings and Things


US Size 2 Straight Needles

Yarn sewing needle

Yarn: 60 yds of any 14 wpi inch handspun. I used my own handspun, which can be found on my internet shop ( ). This one is alpaca, but wool would be lovely, too!

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Size: Child to Adult

To start:

CO 19 stitches


2. P

3. K

4. P

5. K, P, K, P ,K ,3P ,3K ,3P ,K ,P ,K ,P ,K

6. 5P, 3K, 3P, 3K, 5P

7. Repeat Row 5

8. Repeat Row 6

9. K, P, K, P, K, 2P, 2K, P, 2K, 2P, K, P, K, P, K

10. 5P, 2K, 2P, K, 2P, 2K, 5P

11. Repeat Row 9

12. Repeat Row 10

13. K, P, K, P, K, P, 2K, 3P, 2K, P, K, P, K, P, K

14. 5P, K, 2P, 3K, 2P, K, 5P

15. Repeat Row 13

16. Repeat Row 14

17. K, P, K, P, 3K, 5P, 3K, P, K, P, K

18. 7P, 5K, 7P

19. Repeat Row 17

20. Repeat Row 18

21. Repeat Row 17

22. Repeat Row 18

23. K, P, K, P, K, P, 2K, 3P, 2K, P, K, P, K, P, K

24. 5P, K, 2P, 3K, 2P, K, 5P

25. Repeat Row 23

26. Repeat Row 24

27. K, P, K, P, K, 2P, 2K, P, 2K, 2P, K, P, K, P, K

28. 5P, 2K, 2P, K, 2P, 2K, 5P

29. Repeat Row 27

30. Repeat Row 28

31. K, P, K, P, K, 3P, 3K, 3P, K, P, K, P, K

32. 5P, 3K, 3P, 3K, 5P

33. Repeat Row 31

34. Repeat Row 32

35. Repeat Rows #5-#34 three more times (four for larger heads)

36. K

37. P

38. K

39. P

Sew the ends together and fold over stitch closed about 3/4 of an inch on either
side of seam. Weave in ends and wear in good health!

Strawberry Preserves and Homemade Berry Syrup

Warning: This recipe is definitely NOT for people who can’t have sugar!!!

What do you do when you find a bargain on strawberries at the grocer. These were of the ‘eat now’ variety and I paid about $1 for 2lbs. Knowing how my family loves strawberries,  I bought six lbs. Two for the family to ‘eat now’ and four to put up. This recipe requires no added pectin and will work with other berries, too.


First you take the stems off the top and wash them. And then place them in a cookpot with just enough water to cover your berries.

Next you cook them on a simmering boil until they are soft. Then, you squish them. I use a potato masher.

You can, at this point, strain off the pulp, if you want to have a jelly. But, I like chunks of strawberry in mine. So, measure off the liquid/solids in your pot. You need to know how much you have, so you know how much sugar to add. Now, and here is the part that always makes me cringe. To make a jelly or preserve, you need to add nearly the same amount of sugar as you have berries and juice or it will not set (become firm when cooled). I had 8 cups(I put in 6 cups). Let’s not talk about it anymore. Shall we…..

Next you bring it back up to that low boil and stir for…oh, the next hour and a half or so(can’t let it stick to the bottom of the pot). Until it is looking very glossy and getting thick.

I’m not canning this, so I won’t go into that now. But, the water bath method works well with berry preserves and syrup both. If I had more strawberries, I would have. But, since I am just going to set it in the refrigerator, time to pour off and let set.


To use these preserves as syrup, you can cut the sugar down by half and cooked into it just thickens. Serve warm on pancakes, crepes or waffles…delicious!!

Baby Angoras and Bath is done!

My French/English Angora doe had a lovely litter of nine kits a little over a week ago. They are starting to show their colors now.

So cute!!!!!!!

She is on a strict ‘no touch the baby basis’ right now. She is a very protective mother and doing a fine job. I need to build some new rabbit hutches soon:):)

On another supremely happy note, I’m finally done with the bathroom!! I thought that I would never get done with the painting, but there was alot of trim!!

Lots of trim!

I know the top of the window isn’t painted in the picture. It is now, though. I just wanted to give the bottom half a chance to dry, so I didn’t paint the window closed(I’ve done it before…lots). But, that isn’t all the trim.

See what was behind our bathroom mirror

I painted the dividing line on the walls white, too. Took a little more time, but I do like it! The mirror (had to have ours cut) now covers the hole on the left and the shelves on the right have new trim, painted white. And, not withstanding, the room does have two doors. I don’t know why such a small room needs two doors, but the had to get painted, too.

All in all, I am very proud of how it turned out. Not bad for a little housewife, but I’m definitely playing with fiber today. This one:

Deep Red Roses

With, maybe, some of this:

Fire Dancer

I do love my mohairs.

Have a great day!!

For baby and remodeling.

Finished. Done. And, looking cute. My very first baby sweater is all ready for baby. Welcome to the world, Little One. I hope it fits!

It looks like it should, but babies do grow fast. I’m thinking it looks like a 3-6month size, but I haven’t seen a baby, yet, that wasn’t out of newborn sizes within 2 weeks. I’ll mail it out tomorrow.

Right now, I’m aching and sore. I’ve been painting for two days. It started out when I got my husband to build me more shelves for my constantly growing library. (I’m always on the hunt for new books.) While he was building, I went out to the garage to browse through leftover cans of paint and came across a 3/4 full can of light yellow. I had set it aside as I was hoping for white. Which I did find and use upon the shelves. But, while I was painting I had time to think about the yellow paint.

I decided to use it on the bathroom, as my Honey and I both disliked the brown and off white that they walls were when we had moved in. And, besides, the bathroom is small right?. And, I can use the leftover white on the trim. I don’t have a roller, but I do have a brush. Great plan!

Ha! My quick little repaint has taken 4 coats on the yellow to cover the brown and this old home has lots of trim. Excessive amounts when you are painting it, anyway. I’ll finish tomorrow. Tonight, I think I’ll hunt up the heating pad<smile>.

The shelf that started it all!

A taste of Spring and the Baby Sweater

My yard is just starting to burst into color over the past few weeks. The tulips are in bloom:

One of the tulips next to our walkway

I got a new Hydrangea for the front yard, too. The tag on this one calls it ‘Glory’:

Like big fat snowballs in Spring!

And, best of all, the dogwoods are in bloom!

I’ve got the baby sweater blocked and awaiting buttons and trim:


I auditioned many buttons for this venture. I have ALOT of buttons. But, I’m sure we all do. Right? Here is where my buttons come from:

I chose these buttons and some lacy ribbon to lace through the yoke.

I’m hoping to have time to finish this today. I don’t know if I will, as I need to build a bookshelf in my wall to house my ever growing collection of paperback books.

Have a great Easter!! My kids are already packed with sugar thanks to the Easter Bunny:):):)