Baby Sweater and other things

Thank goodness, it isn’t me that I’m knitting a baby sweater for, but I sure wish that I knew how to knit when mine were wee ones! The sweater that I’m knitting is for an e friend who just had a sweet little girl. Perfectly healthy and in a hurry to be born. She arrived about 3 weeks early from my understanding.

Here is a picture of the start of the sweater:
Start of sweater

And a picture of where I am now with it:

Getting there

I found the pattern on Ravelry. It is this one:

I am trying to follow it, but I’m no good at following directions(that is why I write my own). My yarn and needle choices are not the ones given. My button holes are probably on the wrong side, as I am left handed and I, somehow, acquired ten extra stitches. I’m not worried about it. I just rewrote those parts of the pattern to accommodate my inability to do what the pattern told me. I was told by my friend, Shannon, that it is called reformatting. I like that better than oops! But, in all honesty, this is the first baby sweater that I’ve ever tried. As long as it looks like a sweater(preferably an adorable sweater), I’ll be happy.

On other bright notes…I had a few more vacation pictures to share. First, is a pendant of Fancy Jasper that my Honey had bought for me from Zuzu’s Petals. The Artist was on site and I had the pleasure of complimenting him on his work personally. Forgive me, but I did not catch his name, but here is a picture of the piece:

And, my last picture to share of the trip is of a thrift store find of great significance to me for its’ rarity, as the thrift stores here censor books. A box full of Heinleins for my collection, as well as a few other very treasured authors.

And, I was only charged .25cents apiece! Got to LOVE thrift stores!!

The sun is shining and I have knitting waiting……take care!


Back from Vacation!!

I went on Vacation with my Honey, Dwain, for our thirteenth wedding anniversary this past weekend to Helen, Ga. It was great! Look…I’m smiling:

I hope that you  took a good look; I don’t do pictures often. I hate having my picture took. But, yep, that is me. Baggy clothes, no make up and what I look like everyday. My Honey took the picture. The trick to remaining out of the pictures seems to be to NOT give up the camera!

We stayed at the Creekwood Resort. The cabin was beautiful!! I forgot to take a picture of it, but here is the view from the loft jacuzzi:

We unloaded and went into town to look around. We saw a horse with a hat, a bit of sleight of hand, and lovely bunch of textiles, jewelry, and a fish feeding frenzy:

Went went to two Wineries:

They give generous tastes here!
Hey, there is my Husband!(as we walk to the Fox)

What better to go with wine than coffee and chocolates:

Cheesecake balls and chocolate strawberries!
VERY good coffee!

I did bring knitting! I really did! They had the perfect basket on top of the fireplace for my ball of yarn and it lived on the coffee table all weekend! See!!:

Proof that I did bring fiber!

Okay,So it looked the same when we left. But, what could I do. We were only there for the weekend. And, had to sit on the deck around the fire and I had to sit in the jacuzzi and ..and..and..I got no knitting done.

Raining on Sunday...time to go!

Next time, though, I’m scheduling a rest day for when I get home. I know that I had a great time, because I’m still tired two days later.

Have a great day!!

Anniversary, Spring and Bulky Yarns

Our thirteenth wedding anniversary is this weekend on the 21st. First day of Spring, too!  So, we are running off to the mountains. Just him and I; no kids. Grandma has the kids, the house, the cats, the dog and the bunnies while I am gone.

I’m putting the shop on notice. I’m not closing up for the weekend, but just letting all and sunder know that I will be gone until Monday. Feel free to shop. I’m probably going to spend more money this weekend than I intend. I’m already looking for fiber shops. I’m leaving about noon today, so , if you know one that way(Helen, GA), please, answer fast! I want to know before I go!!

Now on a fiber note: I’ve been playing it thick and thin and bulky, too. Using lots of soft wools and mohair, angora, camel, silk and whatever else, too.  They are so fun and free to make!

Here is this weeks’ Artsy Yarn creations:

I want to make more when I get back!!

Gotto go pack. I want to sneak some yarn in my luggage.

Hope that you all a have special weekend!!


I have been playing with texture in my yarns alot lately. I’ve done lumps and bumps and coils and snakes.

Bit fat knickerbocker
Coils and snakes
A little bumpy camel and bunny

And, I haven’t left off the smooth yarns, either…

I call this one Smashed Grapes

I’ve got three colors of wool and mohair drying (it is rainy today, so it might take awhile) and two more mohairs soaking up some color and some more to get going. Never no end. I love it!!


I finally got my daughter, Emma, to sit still long enough to model my knit headband:

I made this out of llama that I hand dyed and spun. The pattern will be offered (for free) soon.

In the meantime, I saw an article in Spin-Off magazine on creating coil yarns. How fun!! I’ve got the first single done and the second single is started. I’m using pink and purple mohair and hot pink, orange with a hint of yellow Southdown babydoll…greasy stuff and so bouncy-good wool!

There is Romney in the dye and on the drying rack with some babydoll in blue. Well, dinner is about ready.

Have a great night!!