Been knitting

Yeah, I know, like I wasn’t already doing a long list of other stuff, but I had to start knitting again!

We took the kids to the park and I thought about bringing some knitting to work on while I was there. I haven’t knitted in six months or more. I thought about bringing the scarf that I was working on last. I’m a start to finish type person when it comes to projects. The scarf is not done. It occurred to me that the scarf was the reason that I haven’t been knitting. It has been sitting around like a guilty secret holding me up. It is boring. Yep, it is my own pattern, but I can still find it boring. It isn’t even a third of the way done. It isn’t (or should I say, wasn’t, as it is slated for frogging) just plain garter; it has lots of change up and was easy to remember….both key things where I am concerned. So,

I grabbed a ball of freshly spun yarn and some size 6 dpns and went to the park. I started knitting and was having a blast. I’m making a headband. I’ll give you the pattern when it is completely done. Gosh, the headband itself is nearly done now. So nice to be knitting again!


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