What I woke up to yesterday morning…

and what I’ve been doing since.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a sight that occurs once every two or three years here in South Carolina…

Several inches of snow

Which, of course, led my dear northern bred husband, Dwain, to teaching our children about sledding…

Dwain with Emma while Jade climbs the hill for a turn

We didn’t have a sled, so they made do with cardboard. They had a blast; although, Emma lost some feeling in the rear:

Poor Darling!!

I, on the other hand, went in and got warm and then played with my new/used drum carder. Here is a picture of my very first batt (I ran it through a few more times after this, as I did feel that it needed to be smoother):

See..I started to nest it up, but...

I did get it spun into this for a customer (she was quite pleased with the pictures; I just can’t wait for her to feel how squishy it turned out):

50% Merino x, 50% Mohair...from raw fleece

From raw fleece to finished product after alot of hand picking…I see why so many coat their sheep!

Well, I am headed back to the drum carder. I left it like this:

100% mohair for me

Wishing you all a Happy Belated Valentine!!!

It is 12:26AM and I’m going to finish that batt and head to bed!!


2 thoughts on “What I woke up to yesterday morning…

    1. I am not a vet nor have studied animal medicine, but I have heard that sometimes there is something wrong with the kit when the mother does that. Although, with that said, I have bottlefed a many a goat baby that did fine, but its’ momma didn’t want it.

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