Someone else spun my wool!!

And did a gorgeous job of it, too. If you ever need a spinner I do recommend Shannon of Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio on Etsy. I had a customer purchase some of my hand dyed merino x wool and llama and sent it to Shannon and here is what she did:

The Peach wool:

Lovely Melonball wool and green llama:

Fabulous job!!!

Link to her store:

As for me. I’ve been dyeing mohair:

Silk River
Autumn Rainbow

This stuff is absolute manna!!! And it is soooo long. About 9 inches of unbelievably, wonderfully, lovely to spin softness!!


One thought on “Someone else spun my wool!!

  1. Hey there!!!! Thank you so much for the metion of my shop! You are simply wonerful!!!;)

    I noticed….we have the same spinning wheel! I just love it!!! You’ll have so much fun spinning with your Kromski….it’s a piece of art! I’m looking forward to seeing what you paint on it;)

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