Would have wrote sooner…

…but, I’ve been busy. I usually am, which is why I thought that a blog would be a good thing being that I’d have plenty to write about.

So, anyhow, I’ve still been playing with the concept of novelty yarns. This one is mohair and Merino…here a picture:

And, I finally have a spinning wheel!!!!!! Yay!!! I now have a Kromski Minstrel. It is unfinished, as I plan on painting my own designs.

of course, painted or not, I had to put it together and give it a try!

My first wheel yarn ever!!

I just love how smooth my wheel is to use.  The front peg that hold the wheel was too loose, though. No worries, I carved a new one out of a 5/8 inch dowel…with a little sanding, it works great!!

Well, back to the wheel!


2 thoughts on “Would have wrote sooner…

  1. Hi. Noticed you bought a Minstrel. How do you like it?
    I have been thinking about buying one for my second wheel.
    Are you still happy with it.
    My main question- IS IT WOBBLY? That’s what people tell me and I really want to know. Who better to tell the the truth than someone who just bought one!
    I appreciate your time and whenever you can answer that would be great!!
    bismarck, ND

    1. Not wobbly in the least. The front peg that holds the wheel in place was sized too small, but I sanded down a piece of 5/8 inch dowel and it works great!!! Hope this helps. I love my Minstrel.

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