New headband pattern in progress

I’ve finished it now. I knitted it with some llama that was my first wheel yarn. I still have to block it and get my daughter to model it for pictures. the headband is of the ‘one size fits most’ variety. Emma loves it and she loves the idea of modeling for me. She is such a cutie!

I do have to do a boy pattern next. My son doesn’t want to be left out of the fun! I’ll have to give some thought as to what to make for him. I like my patterns simple, fun, use one skein, and easy to keep track of where I left off when I put it down.

The rough of this pattern is wrote. I just have to give it a little polish and hit the word program with it and then it is off to the testers. Almost there and it will be out of my hands. The finish line is with in site!

Have a Good Night!


Been knitting

Yeah, I know, like I wasn’t already doing a long list of other stuff, but I had to start knitting again!

We took the kids to the park and I thought about bringing some knitting to work on while I was there. I haven’t knitted in six months or more. I thought about bringing the scarf that I was working on last. I’m a start to finish type person when it comes to projects. The scarf is not done. It occurred to me that the scarf was the reason that I haven’t been knitting. It has been sitting around like a guilty secret holding me up. It is boring. Yep, it is my own pattern, but I can still find it boring. It isn’t even a third of the way done. It isn’t (or should I say, wasn’t, as it is slated for frogging) just plain garter; it has lots of change up and was easy to remember….both key things where I am concerned. So,

I grabbed a ball of freshly spun yarn and some size 6 dpns and went to the park. I started knitting and was having a blast. I’m making a headband. I’ll give you the pattern when it is completely done. Gosh, the headband itself is nearly done now. So nice to be knitting again!

Still at it

I’ve been having a great time with my drumcarder and new wheel. I have made this:

And spun it:

Into this:

I did the blue one next to it, too. I’ll be starting on a red, pink and golden peach one tonight.

In between time, I’ve still been dyeing mohair and wool lots of pretty colors:

Well, my Honey should be back with dinner any minute and then back to spinning!

Have a great night!!

What I woke up to yesterday morning…

and what I’ve been doing since.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a sight that occurs once every two or three years here in South Carolina…

Several inches of snow

Which, of course, led my dear northern bred husband, Dwain, to teaching our children about sledding…

Dwain with Emma while Jade climbs the hill for a turn

We didn’t have a sled, so they made do with cardboard. They had a blast; although, Emma lost some feeling in the rear:

Poor Darling!!

I, on the other hand, went in and got warm and then played with my new/used drum carder. Here is a picture of my very first batt (I ran it through a few more times after this, as I did feel that it needed to be smoother):

See..I started to nest it up, but...

I did get it spun into this for a customer (she was quite pleased with the pictures; I just can’t wait for her to feel how squishy it turned out):

50% Merino x, 50% Mohair...from raw fleece

From raw fleece to finished product after alot of hand picking…I see why so many coat their sheep!

Well, I am headed back to the drum carder. I left it like this:

100% mohair for me

Wishing you all a Happy Belated Valentine!!!

It is 12:26AM and I’m going to finish that batt and head to bed!!

Someone else spun my wool!!

And did a gorgeous job of it, too. If you ever need a spinner I do recommend Shannon of Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio on Etsy. I had a customer purchase some of my hand dyed merino x wool and llama and sent it to Shannon and here is what she did:

The Peach wool:

Lovely Melonball wool and green llama:

Fabulous job!!!

Link to her store:

As for me. I’ve been dyeing mohair:

Silk River
Autumn Rainbow

This stuff is absolute manna!!! And it is soooo long. About 9 inches of unbelievably, wonderfully, lovely to spin softness!!

Would have wrote sooner…

…but, I’ve been busy. I usually am, which is why I thought that a blog would be a good thing being that I’d have plenty to write about.

So, anyhow, I’ve still been playing with the concept of novelty yarns. This one is mohair and Merino…here a picture:

And, I finally have a spinning wheel!!!!!! Yay!!! I now have a Kromski Minstrel. It is unfinished, as I plan on painting my own designs.

of course, painted or not, I had to put it together and give it a try!

My first wheel yarn ever!!

I just love how smooth my wheel is to use. ┬áThe front peg that hold the wheel was too loose, though. No worries, I carved a new one out of a 5/8 inch dowel…with a little sanding, it works great!!

Well, back to the wheel!