Where I left you yesterday

While I was blogging yesterday, I had an idea and said that I would share it later. Well, due to a complete lack of any real sleep, I can share today.

I finally made lumpy yarn!!! Which is probably not a real big deal to most of you out there, but, disappointingly enough, my first yarns were not lumpy. I learned to draft well first.

So, anyway, I hopped off of  the computer yesterday and set straight to work wet felting little balls of angora. Then, I carded them together with some angora, camel and mohair. And, drafted out my little birds nests:

Wee little nests

Next I spun and plyed the night (and part of this morning) through to get this:

It was so much fun that I’m going to do it again. Only, this time, I want more than 33 yards when I am done. What a FUN yarn!!!


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