Update..the past three days

I’ve been working on spindles, so I thought to share a bit of the ‘behind the scenes’ on my spindle making with you.

Here is a picture of 7.5 hrs on Sunday -the red fish is my personal fave:

Sunday 7.5 hrs

Okay, so going pretty well and, then, Monday happened…

There is no picture. The day was almost a total waste. I’d spent several hours  trying to muster up that painting ‘mojo’ and find myself making the bed instead, because what I painted sucked! It was very frustrating and I, henceforth, declare that Monday never happened. Tuesday, I found that I had made better headway than I thought and with a few more here and theres and a few complete design changes (that I will not go into) after another 6ish I have arrived at here -which is nearly a spindle! :

and 6ish hours on Tues

Now I have four spindles ready for varnish and assembly. So, glad that Monday never existed. I’m off to set the alarm and head to bed. Why does school have to start so early anyway? Sleep well out there!!


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