Where I left you yesterday

While I was blogging yesterday, I had an idea and said that I would share it later. Well, due to a complete lack of any real sleep, I can share today.

I finally made lumpy yarn!!! Which is probably not a real big deal to most of you out there, but, disappointingly enough, my first yarns were not lumpy. I learned to draft well first.

So, anyway, I hopped off of  the computer yesterday and set straight to work wet felting little balls of angora. Then, I carded them together with some angora, camel and mohair. And, drafted out my little birds nests:

Wee little nests

Next I spun and plyed the night (and part of this morning) through to get this:

It was so much fun that I’m going to do it again. Only, this time, I want more than 33 yards when I am done. What a FUN yarn!!!


One week in the making…

I’ve very proud of this one!! It took nearly a week to spin this angora skein. I started with collecting the fiber off my two young does, Pom Pom and Fluffy. Pom Pom is my German and Fluffy is a lovely brown faced silver coated French/English (whom I really hope will give us some kits by the end of next month). And, I spun one single of each bunny separately on my drop spindle :

And, then, once I had them plyed, dyed,washed and hung to dry……

I have over 200 yards(202.78 to be exact) of Yellow Daisy!

Next, I was thinking to work on some novelty yarn. Perhaps. some Mohair, Camel and Angora  carded together, maybe, pre-felt…oh, off to go try something….share it with you later!!!

Haiti…on my mind

We have all seen the news reports, the heart breaking footage, the destruction that those poor people in Haiti are having to try to survive through. I have been seeing the images all week and wondering what can I do?  I just want to go there and tear through the rubble and help them find their loved ones. Go help these people put together again the shattered remains of their lives.

They just had another quake.

Now, of course, it just isn’t reasonable to go there.  But I can help by supporting those that are there. Instead, of having my usual ‘somewhere around the end of the month’ Sale in my Etsy store(link in right sidebar under blogroll);  I will donate 25% of all sales from today until Monday to Doctors Without Borders for Haitian relief. I urge all of you to donate what you can to help your favorite charities assist the Haitians.

We are not just one people or nation, we are a race and together a world.

Looking forward to Spring

I am very much looking forward to Spring! We had a lovely day today and I flung  open all the windows! Just something about being closed up in a box(my house-nice box, but still a box) all Winter long! I just crave new growth and flowers and fresh air! I find it inspiring!!!

For now, I am spinning Alpaca. Alpaca that I have picked, washed, and dyed myself. Tomorrow….tomorrow, I’ll fill the bird feeders and plan new flowers!!!

Have a great night!!!

Wanted to share some pretties..

To make up for yesterdays no picture post and show you the lovely skein of angora that I told you about, but shared no pictures….


See.  I told you that it came out nicely!

I have been busy dyeing wool….okay, I spent most of the past few days picking the wool and, then, I got to dye it. So, I have three new colors. This one is my fave:

Melonball Merino x

Makes me think of Honeydew melons on a hot day. Well, off to spin…I wish!! I am off to figure out what to make for dinner.

About time I blogged!!!

My gosh, I hadn’t realized that it has been so long! I was in the living room drinking coffee and spinning some camel fiber on my spindle and got to thinking about what new directions that I want to take my Etsy shop in during this new year. I know, I was supposed to be really coming up with this stuff around January 1st…New Years’ resolutions and all that; and, it occurred to me that would have been a good New Years blog, if I had thought of it at the time…..and so, due to some rather circular logic, I thought that I should go blog. There are no pictures, if I had to take pictures, I might not have got to blogging today.

Right now, I have just finished a rather nice german angora skein left in the natural white. 70+ yards and lace weight at that. I’m pretty proud of this one. I spun it on my handmade top whorl and it came out so thin and pretty!!! I’ll have to share pictures soon!! (And, make a bigger skein with all this bunny fur sitting around).

I’ve been brushing and brushing and brushing the bunnies. Boy, they have really started to shed! I hope that means more warm weather soon. Assuredly, more of the above mentioned yarn.

Also, I’ve worked up a few other lovely angora and angora blend yarns and those lovely little minis are all on the store, so I’m making more of those now. Those are fun!!

As for the shop, I plan on getting a drum carder and a spinning wheel in the next few months. I figure the shop will expand with lovely new things and I’ll get new toys. I am really looking forward to getting my first wheel. I’m thinking of the Kromski Minstrel. It doesn’t look like it would be hard for me to use, either. I’m left handed and some of those wheels out there would cross me up to use. But, I thought the Minstrel very pretty and I’ve read some very good things about the company, too. Well, I’ll let you know when I get it!!!

Three pictures for you…

Hung to dry by the chimney with care in hopes that soon the Roving Fairy will be there….

So, how many mini skeins can I spin while waiting for paint, glue and varnish to dry?

And, finally…..


Three are already available in my etsy shop, but the lovely gray and red worded one should be heading off to its’ new home tomorrow.

Well, I’m going to go spin more of that green merino x (oh, so soft!!!) on my spindle and play with some mohair and cook dinner (Cheeseburgers…homemade, of course).

Have a great night!!